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Metal-free restorations

Metal-free restorations

A beautiful and healthy teeth, the smile is natural appearance, well-being token, both in work and self confidence and the private spheres. Used in dental materials and technologies has enabled the development of a dynamic display of pótláscsoport new metal-free restoration.

Zircon: Amann Girrbach Ceramill a system of dental laboratory ceramic restorations are prepared for dentists in the previous processes faster and more accurate version. Zirconia ceramics are valuable, aesthetic restoration can be made, which is duty cycle, the mechanical properties of a perfect unit.
Whether bridge, bridge round, self-crown, or just self peel needed, zirconium oxide gives aesthetically perfect solution for any event.


  • The usual laboratory and in-house, thanks highly flexible service
  • Unique anatomical framework design
  • A wide range of indications (crowns and bridges, inlay bridges, Maryland bridges, stuck bridges, telescope technology)
  • Precision-fit maximum
  • The matching frame color will be made
  • Does not stain the gum

The zirconium oxide ceramic crowns and bridges with extremely biocompatible, stable and excellent aesthetic and the tensile strength. The dentures will serve for many years to decades.
Perform any requirement that a patient is demanding a restoration expect.

The material advantages:

  • High aesthetic quality of the optical properties of natural
  • The shape and the color is fully prepared in accordance with the patients
  • Extremely high bending strength, long life
  • Biocompatible tissue – a sensitive, even for patients allergic to metals suitable
  • Ultra precise, thanks to the CAD / CAM technology
  • Perfect pass through the light

The high-strength zirconium materials for working with CAD / CAM systems are available, which is industrially for many years been the basis for the technique. Only those zirconium oxide systems has been a breakthrough in dental technology as well.

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